My name is Angelina Diez and I am from Spain. I began my art training very young, I always was drawing, painting and exploring fantastic worlds searching for inspiration.

I studied Art and History at University but I realized that these careers didnĀ“t fill me too much and I was searching something more...I wanted to follow my artistic path and I began to improve my skills in Graphic Design (did a course of Graphic Design, 3D and Multimedia in Iddeco Leon, Spain ) and, most of all, I fell in love with 3D on that course. After some jobs, I wanted to specialize in 3D modeling and concept art and I went to study a course of 3D Organic Modeling in CICE Madrid, Spain. There I found my real passion: Character modeling.
Now I worked every day on 3D characters, environments and props for games and, as a self-taugh person, i am always trying to push my limits every day.

I also speak fluently English and Spanish but I know a bit of French, German and Japanese too.

Work with 3dsMax, Zbrush, Xnormal, UVLayout, 3dCoat, Quixel, Mari and Photoshop mostly but also with Keyshot, Marmoset for rendering, and Unity or Unreal as engines to set the characters in game.

Some of my online artistic profiles:

Deviantart Portfolio
Artstation Porfolio